Haxe for Javascripters

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tl;dr= I’m giving a talk on Haxe at a Javascript conference, here are the slides

Haxe for Javascrtipters
Haxe for Javascripters

Do you use a compile-to-Javascript language? Have you gotten stuck when running Javascript on different devices? Why am I talking about not-Javascript at a Javascript conference?

Haxe is a language that can compile to Javascript, in addition to 8 other languages, and even compiles natively for some targets. It is heavily inspired by ECMAScript, so it can be picked up in less than a day if you already know Javascript.

(as an aside, if you like Typescript, you’ll love Haxe)

It is a mature language to boot - it has been around for a decade now.

… The only thing is, hardly anyone has heard of it, and I think that that’s quite a shame - My goal for the talk: to get this virtually unheard of language the attention & headspace I think it deserves.

In Haxe for Javascripters, I’ll be covering:

ECMAScript permalink

The history of ECMAScript, the set of standards implemented by Javascript, and how this relates to Haxe.


Community permalink

What the Haxe community is like to be a part of.


Haxe to JS permalink

Speaking at a Javascript conference about … not Javascript? … Well not quite - I’m not that crazy! In fact Haxe has a Javascript target, and it will the focus of the talk!


Pros/ cons permalink

Highlight some of the pros & cons of Haxe, and compare them to other compile-to-Javascript kits. (I’ve stolen some material here from Andy Li - thanks Andy!)


Demo permalink

Cap it all off with a demonstration of the Haxe to Javascript target. Time permitting, perhaps even the other targets that Haxe compiles to.


Many thanks to Chris Decoster for reviews and feedback on this presentation.

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