Automatically publish documentation using Autodocs

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I have been working on a NodeJs module quite diligently over the past couple of weeks, and I have finally cut a release that I am satisfied with releasing for wider use.


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Install it as a development dependency

npm install --save-dev autodocs

… and then add an autodocs hook to the scripts section of package.json:

"scripts": {
"autodocs": "node ./node_modules/autodocs"

… and then invoke the autodocs hook in .travis.yml

- npm run autodocs

Finally configure autodocs by specifying environment variables, also in .travis.yml. The only compulsory one is GH_TOKEN, a Github access token, which you will need to obtain from Github, and then encrypt using Travis.

Note that autodocs does not generate any documentation itself - it is designed to publish documentation from a continuous integration server. It expects there to be a hook named generatedocs the scripts section of package.json.

That’s all. Commit and push to your master branch, and you should get your documentation published to:

Documentation permalink

There are quite a few options that you can configure.

For example, you can set it up such that:

  • the URL it publishes to is differrent,
  • it publishes to a different repository,
  • it publishes when a different branch, e.g. develop is pushed instead
  • it publishes when a release is cut - a tag is pushed

For these, and more options, see autodocs’ own documentation, which, you guessed it, is published by autodocs itself.

autodocs documentation

Roadmap permalink

At the moment, autodocs only supports on CI environment - Travis - and one publishing environment - Github Pages. Other CI environments and publishing environments can also be supported.

These, and other issues, can be found at autodocs roadmap

Contributions are most welcome!