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  • Asking about coding skill

    “What are the levels of skill of a coder?”

    The answers that I get, usually, were something along the lines of: “fresh grad, mid-level developer, and senior developer”, or “software developer, software engineer, and software architect”. My guess is that this is based upon what the companies they work for have structured their development teams around.

    Organisation chart, crossed out, 'does not apply to coders'

    This is an easy means of classification, of course - …

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  • tl;dr= I’m giving a talk on Haxe at a Javascript conference, here are the slides

    Haxe for Javascrtipters

    Do you use a compile-to-Javascript language? Have you gotten stuck when running Javascript on different devices? Why am I talking about not-Javascript at a Javascript conference? …

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  • Postgres 9.3 added support for new data types, JSON and JSONB; the latter of which is very similar to BSON used in MongoDb.

    However, I was very disappointed because while it was possible to Create/Read/Update/Delete entire JSON objects, it was not possible to Create/Update/Delete individual keys within the JSON object - it was all or nothing, which I was not too happy about; even pestering PostgreSql’s developers intermittently about. Many others …

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  • <rant>

    Microsoft’s flagship browser has been causing web developers much anguish for over a decade now, and they appear to have unleashed an “improved” version of that mediocrity upon us via WinJS in their offering for HTML apps for Windows.

    In Javascript norms, when a function throws an error, the error and its stack trace get output to the console, all functions on this stack get aborted, and execution of other parts of the page resume. Even IE gets this right. Microsoft has, however, decided to “improve” upon this behaviour …

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  • Overview

    1. Set up a Windows-Phonegap app in MSVS2015
      • Phonegap tools
      • Create a account
      • Create developer account
      • Registering the app
    2. Authentication in using LiveSDK
      • Install via NuGet
      • Application manifest for extra Internets
      • WL.* APIs + caveats
    3. Backend for uploading a file to OneDrive
      • Using the access_token
      • OneDrive APIs

    Set up Windows-Phonegap app in Visual Studio

    Phonegap tools to generate the solution

    The first thing that we need is to generate a Visual Studio solution. …

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