Teach Kids Code: Variables Activities: Concept

Learning Outcome

  • What should the student learn, briefly stated
  • e.g. Student should learn how to use a variable to represent a value

Analogies & Metaphors

  • List pairs of programming concepts and their corresponding analogy or metaphor
  • e.g. a variable is like a cardboard box with a name written on it, the box represents the stuff that has been put inside the box


  • Building upon the analogies and metaphors listed above, describe techniques used to teach students the connection between one an another
  • e.g. For a variable that represents and integer (whole number), put a number of marbles into the box


  • List of activities based upon the techniques listed above
  • For each activity list any possible safety precautions that should be taken
  • e.g. Get students to assign values to a variable by putting items into a box, and retrieve the value of a variable by looking at what is inside the box, and modifying the value of a variable by replacing the items inside the box.
  • e.g. If putting marbles inside boxes, and the students are too young, there is a risk of swallowing/ choking in the marble. If this is the case, use an alternative type of object that poses no such danger.

Knowledge & Skills

  • What the students should learn, stated in detail
  • For each thing learnt, what would demonstrate that it has been learnt
  • e.g. be able to declare a variable, assign an initial value to a variable, inspect the value of the variable, and alter the value of a variable
  • e.g. Putting identifying that the word written on the box is the name of the variable. When multiple boxes are present, the value of the correct one is inspected.

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