Haskell Basics

The fourth installment in my Haskell Basics series is now available on FP complete.

Haskell Basics #4

List comprehension, & FizzBuzz

FizzBuzz using tail-order recursion?

You betcha!

m = [ x | x <- [1..100], x <span class="cm-builtin">mod</span> 2 == 1]
main = print $ m

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I have begun creating a series of tutorials, targeted at people new to Haskell, but not necessarily new to programming.

You can find them here:

Brendan Graetz’s School of Haskell content on FPComplete

Haskell Basics #1

Arithmetic, Boolean logic, & Functions

Haskell Basics #2

Chaining function calls, Baked in function, & Conditionals


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The third installment in my series is now available.

Haskell Basics #3

Tuples & Lists

In creating this lesson, I have learnt and incorporated some of the more advanced features of School-of-Haskell Markdown syntax. This one is more interactive, and consequently more engaging - I hope!

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